Weekend Makeover!

Earlier this month Finishing Effects helped a husband pull of a great surprise for his wife by doing a secret makeover of their bedroom suite while they were on a family vacation for the weekend.

This perfectly little project went off with out a hitch, and we want to share it with you!

>>> Introducing: The Weekend Make Over (Secret or Not)

Here’s how it works: Just as with any project I’ll meet with you for a design consultation to get an idea of style goals, the timeline, budget, etc. Then, leave it to us to prepare. We will select materials and do any prep work off site before the makeover weekend. And finally, all of the design and remodeling work will be done during the short few days!

Take a look at all we can achieve with in a quick weekend!






“Thank you to @pamfruhaufinteriordesign and @livandwork (chair pillows are amaz!), you are fantastically talented and good at keeping secrets 😉 #interiordecor #designonpoint #nicelist”

“Christmas gifts continue from {my hubby}, (bedroom remodel while we were gone) #thisguytho #blessed #shiplap”

“I can’t say enough good things about Pam (and her family)! If you are in need of an interior designer, hit her up! She recently completed our master bedroom and it was beyond what we could ask for! Thank you Pam Fruhauf!”

Fall Decor & Pumpkins, The Right Way

We know all too well holiday decor can get overboard real quick. Everything in moderation, right?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s a guide to adding just the right amount of spice … and everything nice.

For starters, you can transition a space by swapping out a few items, making small tweaks and adding some accessories spot on for the season. Here is a great slideshow from Domino Magazine which shows how to welcome the Fall air into your space thru additions of warm metallics like copper, swapping wall art, even painting an accent wall.



NOW, LETS TALK ABOUT PUMPKINS. Like its holiday cheerful cousin, the christmas tree, pumpkins can get cheesy fast! Here’s your guide of how to do pumpkins past October 31st– why put them away with your Halloween costumes?!

First up: Bring them inside! Make a vignette on the floor, on a table, even on your mantle to add some Fall flare. Talk about a show stopping Thanksgiving dinner center piece!

Color: pay attention to the color clusters your pumpkin arrangements are making. Try to curate it like you would decorate a space in your home.

A big trend this year is muted pastels.

And (my personal favorite) all white.

There are down right brilliant DIY pumpkin ideas out there!  A quick Google, Pinterest or Instagram search will pay off big, but here are some of my favorites! Some fun and wacky, some great for the whole family and some so wildly intricate!

And last but certainly not least, GOLD.


So you see it can be done… Tasteful and personal Fall decor that doesn’t send you running from Hobby Lobby accessory mania! Have a wonderful season from us at Finishing Effects!

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