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5 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Pam! I can’t wait for you all to get started on making our house a home!!! We are all excited!!!


  2. Pam is the only decorator that I recommend! She has assisted me in the sale of many homes that needed a special touch and once she worked her magic they were sold! She has a talent for creating beautiful rooms. I value her opinion and love her ideas. Sonja Seidl


  3. Pam was terrific to work with on our home. She listened to our thoughts and them took them to an entirely new dynamic level – all the while respectful of our tastes and budget. We just love the results – better than anything we imagined.


  4. I’ve worked with Pam in 3 homes, all with fantastic results. She’s done amazing faux painting, space planning, custom furniture, accessorizing, paint & carpet selection and more. Reasonable rates but exceptional results, and a pleasure to work with. Pam gets your style and amplifies it to WOW!


  5. Pam has very innovative ideas and the ability to make them happen. I love my exercise room. We couldn’t have done it without her.


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